Reflection on Amal Journey

Time passes so fast that it made me realize feel for Einstein when people first doubted his theory of relativity. How can somebody not agree with time being relative? Same must be the case with some fellows at Amal, now when the journey is about to end. Some might have been thinking that it has taken a lot more time and effort than expected and some are just sad as the moments are about to become memory and you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes memory

Reflecting back I remember the first two weeks as the most exciting and amazing one. On day one I remember we had an activity in which we had to make a cat having some constraints in paint. The team who won made a dog but they still won (sarcasm). That activity was fun and I learnt a great lesson about Just Start. Khalid one of our fellows started making cat as soon as Sir. Anis was giving the instructions and that was something unique I found and how to react and not to wait for the timer to get start. My cat reminded me of this incident at amal and Gulsha (who made a dog and still won it) this is how cat looks like.

I learnt the most during the first two weeks at Amal. Amal values, Life map, finding your purpose, Edhi sahab’s journey, Just Start concept, Gratitude etc.
The experience was amazing for me. I was suffering from my battles which God has promised that each one of us will face, but Amal helped me overcome those problem by distracting my mind towards positivity. I was very exciting at the beginning to make new friends and memories and Alhamdulliah made many. The thing I find out was that you can do anything and manage everything only if you want to do it.

The journey has been a roller coaster of a ride with ranting about the feedbacks and project works but still managing to do it in the end. Can’t thank Amal academy enough to give me such resilience and resistance by their project works and in the end I have managed my exams, Final year project and Amal fellowship at the same time, this is something I am really proud of. This car that I made in 2nd year of BE, will always remind me of my journey at AMAL ACADEMY.




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