Positive Reflection on Amal’s Journey

I have been doing an Amal fellowship for the last 2.5 months and I have decided to share my experience and the one incident that had a really positive impact on me and pushed me to challenge myself in tough times. There had been plenty of experiences in the fellowship where I get to know about different cultures and mindsets. I had an amazing journey until now where I got one of two best friends namely Areej Ashfaq & Gulsha Rauf. They are too amazing and different personalities but one common thing I found in both of them is their attitude towards adversities.

Let's start with Gulsha, I remember she had her exams and she used to rant k “yar exams arahe hai, maine gaib hojana hai”, and suddenly in the 4th week or so we had to decide circle leader and we mutually decided to make Gulsha as our leader. Gulsha’s exam started all of a sudden and the things which had an impact on me and the way I would have done the fellowship is her hard work, dedication, and resistance she showed to manage both the exams as well as fellowship. Being the circle leader she did her best and managed us to select a proper topic on Megaproject and we wrote the best proposal just because of her. She being busy with her exams managed our team well and we proceeded towards our aim.

Areej’s hard work is none less than Gulsha’s but she rants more by saying “Mujhse nahi horaha maine chor dena hai”. She had her dream internship with Ms. Ansa Khalid, fellowship as well as exams simultaneously. She managed to ace all of these and even got the best project work award in her exams week. She was the heart of our group, always available helping others. She made Dietriffic’s platforms on Facebook and Instagram and had a part in fundraising as well as made posters all at the same time.

This hard work by these two gems, made me realize that you can always do and manage things if only you want to. I am a very lazy person and I get bored too easily while working on the same task but because of these too, during my exams, I did my best and managed to attend all the sessions and did all the project work just because of these two. I got inspired by them and I pushed myself in every manner to not miss any project work even when I had to complete it in just 24 hours because of consecutive exams. It was because of the resistance and dedication they both showed during tough time pushed me to do the same. They both changed my way of how I would have done things. I know myself more than anyone. I would have LEFT all the work and only concentrated on my exams which could have resulted in my dropout. If I have not met them in the fellowship, they both helped me to challenge myself and to become the better version of myself.

I will always remain grateful to Amal Academy for this opportunity where I learned a lot about teamwork, communication, leadership, problem-solving, networking, entrepreneurial mindset, Amal’s principle of success. Different mindsets and techniques to improve productivity and of course for these two beautiful souls.

Thank you Amal Academy!