Letter of Gratitude

In recent times, my life has changed a lot. I have been too kind for some people especially and they didn’t even took a time to appreciate me in the way I expected them to. I am writing this I have come to know the importance of gratitude and what effect it has on the one at the receiving end.

I wrote two letters. The first letter to the one who pushed me to leave her, I have been immensely disappointed by the way she treated me still I have taken a moment to appreciate her for what she has done for me.

The other letter i wrote the one who I owe so much. It is because of him I am here. He helped me in every stage of life whether it's in an academic way or by listening to my concerns and emotions when I needed to exhaust it out from my brain and heart. It is because of him I have been out of so-called depression or the pain of losing your loved one.

It was a great experience writing by heart the letters of gratitude.

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